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What Does Your Branding Say About You?

Posted by Brianne Bailey on Feb 21, 2017 2:04:00 PM

What does your branding say about you?Even if you are not a marketing professional, you may be familiar with branding as a consumer. Branding is a form of messaging that customers come to acquaint your business with, whether purposefully or otherwise. Elements such as your logo, product, website, social media and even reputation all feed into how your customers engage with your brand.


So, what does your branding say about you?


Here are a few ways you can use your brand to build a better busines even if you are not using a branding agency:


Your Brand is Your Identity

Brands are a unique combination of formatting, presentation, design, color, personality, price, service, and voice. It’s in your packaging, voice mail message, and every other way in which your customer perceives or interacts with your company or product. That amalgamation of attributes comes to mean something so personal to consumers that by purchasing your product, they are saying they want to be like you. Think of brands such as Apple, Cristal, Manolo Blahnick. These brands have loyal, sometimes cult-like followings, almost entirely based on the brand they have created.


That high level of branding takes time to develop. It’s not quick or easy to set about creating a recognizable brand. You need to take the time to differentiate yourself, explore who you are as a company, and make sure each customer touch point reflects your messaging in a memorable way.


Whether it’s the big things or the little things, your brand is shorthand for what you are as a business.


Branding Successes and Struggles

Social media is an important element of branding because it's easy for customers to engage with you directly. To keep a streamlined customer experience, your social media outlets should reflect your brand messaging as clearly as your packaging or your logo. There are a number of easy missteps to make when building your brand through your social outlets, so tread carefully. Making mistakes like inappropriate use of a trending hashtag or making a joke that backfires can have serious consequences on your brand image.


What’s more, your brand should be able to connect you with customers on a global scale. Considering how quickly and easily customers can interact with companies all over the world, it would be a mistake not to take that into consideration. Localizing your content in multiple different languages can help you connect with your global customers on a deeper, more personal level.


Beware of those “lost in translation” moments when your messaging gets twisted around into something completely wrong. Bringing a native speaker on board to translate your material so the voice and content of your material are not distorted can help avoid these missteps.


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