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What Are the Newest and Most Effective Forms of Direct Marketing

Posted by D.J. Mendonca on Jan 10, 2017 3:02:00 PM

Direct Marketing TacticsDirect marketing is the sort of advertising that calls for a specific response from the audience. For example, mail, email, phone and in-person interactions can all be forms of direct marketing. Their messages require a specific "call to action" that results in a measurable response, such as call this toll-free number, or click to subscribe.


While businesses were using direct marketing long before the internet revolution, digital marketing has opened up a whole new playing field for companies.


Here are some of the newest and most effective forms of direct marketing to help you grow your business.

Internet Marketing

Internet marketing is an interesting and powerful marketing channel. It has potentially caused the most explosive growth of direct marketing over all other forms. This is due to it's convenience and economics. Already internet marketing is exceptionally convenient because customers are so dependent on the channel. The internet is a key consumer resource for research and purchasing from a customer perspective, so it only makes sense to market directly to customers where they are already spending time. There are many customer touch points you should consider when developing your internet marketing strategy including: online ads, email, blogs, paid media and search engine optimization.


Integrated Marketing

It is also important to understand how to use the internet in conjunction with direct mail, telemarketing and direct response advertising so as to develop a well-rounded campaign. You need to create a campaign that is fully integrated to market products effectively online. It is often not enough to just focus on the internet, but rather be aware of where your audience is spending their time and when they are most open to engaging with your company.


Social Media Marketing

What is arguably the biggest form of direct marketing really started as a way for people to connect. Social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are now some of the most important channels for businesses to engage their customers through. For example, Facebook is important to present a consistent brand or image. Many customers will recommend products on Facebook to their friends and family, and company pages are very popular places for consumers to learn about products, find discounts, get information about the company, and share fun or valuable content with their friends. The other social networks provide similar marketing opportunities.


But to really increase the power of social media in a marketing sense, you should integrate it with all your other direct and non-direct marketing channels. For example, many companies will include links to their social media profiles in direct mail, telemarketing, and direct response advertising. Customers are asked to visit their website or to like or follow their profiles on Facebook or Twitter. These various forms of marketing work well together to enhance the overall brand experience.


For additional advice on how to make your direct marketing more effective in the digital age, reach out to the team at Clarity Consulants today.

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