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What Are The Benefits of Using a Content Management Tool?

Posted by Herb Tieger on Jan 17, 2017 3:02:00 PM

Content Management ToolsHaving great content is a huge part of effective marketing these days. Customers and clients want to know that you have the work to back up your claims of expertise in your field, and a simple way to do that is through content marketing. This can cover anything from blogs, to whitepapers, video tutorials, to podcasts. The content you create and make available to your digital audience matters so you want to be strategic in what you produce and how you produce it.


One way to be smart with your content is by using a content management tool. Online Content Management Services like WordPress and Joomla are popular and user-friendly, but there are all sorts of customized CMS programs that can be tailored to your needs and preferences. Here are a few benefits of using a CMS for your content marketing.



If you are not particularly technical in your experience or skill set, a CMS is the way to manage your online content (such as your website) without needing to delve too deep into the backend programing required to keep everything up and running. A CMS gives you control without needing to know how to code every detail. Really, anyone who can use word-processing software can use a CMS for most basic functions with little to no training required. That means less need to bring in web developers or technical consultants or freelancers to do the work when you want to change something up.



Along the lines of control, a good CMS allows you to be reasonably flexible in your content production. It streamlines the scheduling process with the option to change things as needed. If you catch an error at midnight on a Saturday, you are free and able to fix the issue yourself without needing to wait on a contractor to be available the following week. That responsiveness is key to managing good content.



Many content management programs make it easy for multiple people, or “admins” to have access and editorial rights to your content. If you have multiple writers or editors for your blog, everyone can have their own login and password, while you manage roles and publishing permissions for all users.



From the design process to the maintenance needed to keep your content fresh and up to date, a CMS provides some needed simplicity. Without getting bogged down in the details of uploading and revising content from a technical perspective, a CMS gives you the time and resources to focus on what’s important – the content itself. Once you have access to a CMS, you have the chance to easily communicate with your audience how and when you want.



Today, it seems like hackers have easy access to any website they target, but by using a CMS you often have access to the built in security that comes along with the program. Plus, most systems store your information in a database with restricted access to your content. This can provide an extra layer of protection (and backup should the worse happen) which can have you back up and running sooner than you might think. 



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