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Are You a Thought Leader to Your Customers?

Posted by Bob Bonomo on Mar 28, 2017 2:02:00 PM

Thought Leader For You CustomersIf you don’t know if you are a thought leader in your market, chances are you are not quite there. Industry thought leaders are those professionals and companies who are considered the most influential thinkers in their niche. Customers turn to thought leaders and influencers for advice and insight on subjects that they are considered to be experts in. Thought leaders are able to drive and amplify business impact and market direction. While thought leaders come in many shapes and sizes, they do have a few key similarities that help make them stand out from the crowd. Here are a few things you can use in your marketing strategy to make sure your customers and partners look to you for influence in your field.


Thought Leaders Are Passionate

First and foremost, thought leaders are considered highly experienced and influential within their sphere of influence. They are passionate about what they do and are not afraid to share that passion, and let it lead them to new and interesting places in their work. They have opinions about what will make a difference in their businesses and in their communities.  It is often that passion which gives them the power to persuade others to see things from their point of view.


Thought Leaders Are Teachers

Thought leaders have placed themselves in the spotlight in part because they are eager to share their unique perspectives and lessons with others. They create and share content that helps customers (not just their customers, but the industry’s customers) solve real problems. They add value to each and every business and personal interaction, such that they easily build trust and loyalty in their connections. They are regarded highly for their knowledge and their ability to inspire and motivate others to take action, to make a difference in their own right.   


Thought Leaders Are Visible

What makes thought leadership so powerful is the visibility. Often industry leading talent shies away from the spotlight out of humility, or perhaps even avoidance of potential challenges. But it is the visibility which makes a difference. It is that visibility which turns great ideas into industry-changing direction. To increase your visibility, you need to put yourself out there as an expert. Engage others in high level conversations.


Shout your ideas from the roof tops and watch your circle of influence grow. Partner with other professionals and turn customers into advocates to grow your personal brand, both online and in person. Volunteer to share your knowledge. You can do this by starting a blog, engaging an online community specific to your area of expertise, and otherwise inspiring others to follow your leadership. With time your reputation as a thought leader will grow, and you should continue to share your activities, efforts, and learnings within your professional network.


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