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Fitting Into Your Marketing Consultant Job Can Be as Easy as Pie

Posted by Serafim Mendonca on Dec 20, 2016 3:01:00 PM

Fitting In To a New JobA new job is always an exciting time. That eagerness and motivation is inspiring, and you want to do your best to impress new supervisors and co-workers. But fitting in easily
can be a little tricky. Don’t worry, use these four tricks and you’ll be fitting in with your new crowd before you know it.



Be Friendly and Eager, but Be Yourself

When you step into a new role as a consultant, it’s tempting to fully immerse yourself in the new culture. You might find yourself making surprising adjustments to better fit in with your new team. Be careful not to lose touch with who you really are. That’s who they thought they needed when they hired you. While you should be open to new ideas and new ways of doing your job, be respectful of your own experience and value what you bring to the table. Do what you can to withhold judgment while you get acquainted with a new work environment and be prepared to operate in ways you’re not yet accustomed to. But don’t lose sight of yourself and your unique experience because that is what makes for a dynamic team.


Be an Excellent Listener

You might find yourself feeling the pressure to prove your value to your new boss and co-workers, but don’t let yourself become the office know-it-all. One of the biggest pet peeves of hiring managers everywhere is a new employee who thinks they already know everything and are not willing to receive input. Remember that you are stepping in to a new experience, and as such it’s important to listen and learn. Soak up as much information as you can. If you lack respect for the people you are working with, you will have a much harder time convincing them of your value. Keep in mind that every hiring manager is looking for a team player.


Take Time to Get to Know the Job

It’s one thing to read a job description and another thing to step into the role itself. If you are looking to fit in as a marketing consultant, for instance, recognizing you have a lot to learn and contribute is important. Never hesitate to ask questions. Don’t worry about feeling inadequate on the job. Find the answers you need to do the job right and find the support you need to help achieve this. Marketing supervisors as well as other knowledgeable employees are your best resources. Use them and keep a log of what you’re learning so you don’t end up asking the same questions over and over.


Focus on Building Relationships

Getting to know the team can be as important as getting to know the job itself. The relationships you initiate in those first few days are critical to your long-term success in a new position. Nothing starts off a great office friendship like a nice smile and a “great to meet you” attitude.


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