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Do You Use Your Off-Site Digital Marketing Consultants Well?

Posted by D.J. Mendonca on Feb 28, 2017 2:02:00 PM

Do you use your virtual workforce well?We live in a digital age. Are you making the most of your digital workforce? Remote or virtual workers are becoming increasingly common and more impactful than ever before. Here are three ways you can improve your results with your virtual workforce.


Focus on Hiring Good Remote Workers

When you are designing the workflow and processes, your team will come to depend on, it’s important to hire for the unique environment you expect to be managing. When it comes to remote digital marketing consultants, there are some employees who are simply better suited for the format than others. Take experience and preferences into account when reviewing your candidates, and make sure they have the skills, temperament and experience you need to ensure high-quality work.


To do this, seek out applicants who have a technical background that matches your needs, are great written communicators and are able to self-motivate and stay on task despite their distance from their manager and team.


Encourage Positive Work-Life Balance

One of the biggest benefits to being a virtual consultant is the flexibility to better balance work and life. As a manager of virtual workers, it’s important to recognize that perk has value for you as well. Employees who are able to manage their time well enough to achieve some semblance of work-life balance are often the ones who are more productive and able to work smarter, not harder. To get the most from these employees, you should encourage and support the life side of work-life balance. Since you are likely to see much less of your remote workers, it can be a struggle to connect with them on a personal level. Using connectivity tools such as Slack or Skype to regularly chat or even goof around a little – recreating the proverbial water cooler – will help keep your remote workers engaged and motivated to deliver their best work from their own offices.


Identify and Nurture Passion Projects

Your team has their own interests and passions which they will be excited to pursue. Identifying those passions and funneling that engagement into projects relevant to their position will help build a remote workforce who are fiercely loyal and intrinsically at their best. This requires an open and honest conversation about what they love to do and why, but if you are able to find that passion, you will see your remote workers truly flourish.


As more companies come to depend on virtual workers, a more flexible workflow is taking hold across multiple industries. Companies like Mozilla, Basecamp, Upworthy and inVision all know it takes great people to make a great company, not necessarily a great centralized location.

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