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Direct Marketing Best Practices That You Need To Know

Posted by Serafim Mendonca on Mar 14, 2017 3:00:00 PM

Direct Marketing StrategyDigital marketing might be the industry's darling, but you might be surprised that the traditional methods retain their effectiveness in an oversaturated market. A well positioned direct marketing campaign might now be the tool you need to get your clients' attention. Here are the best practices that will make all the difference.


Invest in Your Database

The most important thing in the success of a direct mail campaign is building and maintaining a clean and up-to-date database. Without that, you have no way of sending your audience the content that they will find relevant or compelling. For example, if you send a coupon to someone who no longer lives at the address, the chances of your customer receiving the mailer are next to nothing. Similarly, if you send an offer to an account that is not relevant to their business, you not only won't see a return on your investment, but you run the risk of damaging your reputation for not doing your homework properly.


Once you know you have a strong list of recipients, you need to define your journeys, your audiences, and execute very personalized mailings that will show value and insight to your customers


Target Your Audience

In order to generate sales with direct marketing, you need to define narrow audience segments and send them personalized offers. Only then is your content likely to connect and produce strong sales leads. Using predictive modeling and other tools and techniques will help optimize your campaigns and ensure that your marketing is based on compelling data. Also, be sure to track response rates and use them to fine tune your account list and audience profiles.


Personalization Makes All the Difference

Personalization means more than just using the recipient's name, though of course that's an important start. You should also personalize your content so the recipients understand you and your team as individuals looking to connect. People choose to do business with other people, and putting a face and a name to your customers is as important as putting a face and a name to yourself. Consider adding the address and hours of the closest store or office based on the recipient's location. Or highlight sections within a catalogue based on previous shopping habits or declared interest.


Clear and Compelling Calls to Action

Are your CTAs effective? In direct marketing, they have to be compelling to the recipient to clearly tell them what you want them to do. Drive home your request by repeating the CTA several times in a visually obvious way, which will catch the attention of skimmers and otherwise distracted readers. Using messaging around scarcity and urgency is a tried and true approach, but keep in mind the most compelling CTAs are the ones which are relevant to the customer's needs. 

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