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Developing a Talent Pipeline Is Organic

Posted by Cristina Mendonca on Jan 31, 2017 3:03:00 PM

Develop A Pipine if Talented Marketing ConsultantsA strong talent pipeline is a great predictor of long term business success in marketing especially. It provides reliable access to current and future talent which is what businesses thrive on. If you are struggling to fill open positions today and are looking for ways to ensure you hire the best marketing consultants in the future, you should focus on building a talent pipeline that is steady and organic. Here are a few tips to get you started.


Always Plan Ahead

If you don’t know what your future needs are in terms of hiring, you are much more likely to make bad hiring decisions. Desperation always results in reactionary choices rather than proactive hires. To avoid choosing from a limited candidate pool, you should be actively working on building a talent pipeline that is based on your plans for future hiring needs. Aligning your business needs and corporate values with the hiring process is critical. Plan out your hiring strategy based on your company’s growth goals, the size of your key talent pool, the geographic dispersion of your operations, your understanding of any talent gaps or other obstacles to developing talent, and the average employee tenure.


Work on Your Brand

You should also take into consideration the strength of your employer “brand” to make sure that you are able to recruit the rock stars you need to achieve more. Attracting top talent is critical to maintaining a steady stream of employees who want to work for you. Your brand is what defines the employment experience you offer. It’s based on your culture, your attitude toward innovation, work-life balance, and compensation. At its most successful, your brand is what will attract the employees who will naturally be a good fit, and encourage others to look elsewhere if they are not.


Measure Your Employees

If you are not keeping track of your employee data, you will inevitably have difficulty building a strong pipeline. You should continually assess your talent by measuring job challenges, organizational knowledge, competencies, failures, successes, and even personality attributes. These measurements will help you define success (and even help employees before problems cause derailment). To recruit the right people, you need to define what “right” is for future hires. The best way to do this is track the employees that you currently have working for you, and what makes them a good fit.


Emphasize Professional Growth

The strongest source of talent often comes from within an organization. By emphasizing professional growth and development of your existing employees, you are essentially training them for the leadership roles you need to fill in coming months and years. Growing your talent, from the ground up, requires investing in internal training, executive coaching, cross-functional experiences, job rotations, external training, and participation in both global and regional assignments. It is these individuals who will make a difference for your company in the long run. Reward loyalty with loyalty and make sure you have the talent you need.


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