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April 2017 Creative News

By Brianne Bailey on Apr 3, 2017 6:00:00 AM
We’ve scoured the web for all of the cutting edge marketing, creative, and digital stories and curated them for you in one, easy to read newsletter. Take a look!
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Is Your Corporate Communication Strategy Working?

By Brianne Bailey on Mar 21, 2017 2:48:00 PM

Corporate communication is a strange breed. Businesses want to be transparent enough that they inspire confidence and trust of their employees, but at the same time you need to be careful how you are communicating complicated ideas such that you retain support and control over work flows. That's where corporate communication strategies come in handy.

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What Does Your Branding Say About You?

By Brianne Bailey on Feb 21, 2017 2:04:00 PM

Even if you are not a marketing professional, you may be familiar with branding as a consumer. Branding is a form of messaging that customers come to acquaint your business with, whether purposefully or otherwise. Elements such as your logo, product, website, social media and even reputation all feed into how your customers engage with your brand.


So, what does your branding say about you?

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Why Is Leadership Development So Important to a Top Business Strategy?

By Brianne Bailey on Dec 27, 2016 3:00:00 PM

Business leadership can make or break a company. It’s undeniable that great leaders can have a huge business impact. They can turn a struggling business into a thriving organization and a successful organization into an industry leader. At the same time, an under-prepared leader who is easily overwhelmed by the responsibilities of the job can do more harm than good. Leadership development is one of the most important considerations for all companies to take into account when growing their team and implementing a sustainable business strategy.


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5 Creative Strategies for Effectively Dealing With Stress At Work

By Brianne Bailey on Nov 1, 2016 3:00:00 PM

Stress can be a killer. But it’s also something we all deal with on a near daily basis. The issue becomes one of learning how to manage stress when it starts to weigh you down. The tried-and-true recommendations include better time management, breathing exercises and getting regular exercise. You’ve heard all those suggestions before, and have probably incorporated them into your routine as much as possible. As a creative yourself, you might be in a situation where the standard stress-management tips just aren’t cutting it for you. If so, here are five creative ideas to tame the stress in your life. 


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Be a marketing expert, be invaluable.

By Brianne Bailey on Aug 1, 2016 9:00:00 AM

Danni Designer’s morning had been a doozy. Minutes after finishing her green shake, the Vice President of Sales rushed into her office, having just returned from a Marketing and Social Media Summit. "I know what I want our new website to look like," he breathlessly exclaimed. "The design needs to be clean, modern, and responsive, with plenty of testimonials, opportunities to subscribe to our blog, and case studies."

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5 Ways Hiring Consultants Can Enhance the Content of Your Business

By Brianne Bailey on Jul 28, 2016 10:00:00 AM

You may be reluctant to hire outside help because of the myths that exist that portray consultants as unqualified or unethical. In reality, hiring consultants can give your company the jolt it needs to vastly improve its work. Consultants have specialized knowledge that can help your company bring its goods and services to the next level.

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5 Blogs for Marketing Gurus

By Brianne Bailey on Jul 25, 2016 4:10:00 PM

We totally understand. Your plate is overflowing with projects from on high, there's a new website rollout, and you're bogged down in everyday tasks like managing your team, your blog, and your social media strategy. Who has the extra time to find the hottest blogs trending in creative circles ? No worries. We did it for you!

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5 Ways to Make a Mess of Your Social Media Marketing Initiative

By Brianne Bailey on Apr 6, 2016 12:10:06 AM

Social media is so ubiquitous that we tend to believe that it’s easy to use. Everyone has a Facebook so everyone can Facebook, right? Erase that myth from your mind now—social media marketing can be tough, and ironically, it’s the very ubiquity of the tool that makes it so.


Whether you’re a newcomer to digital marketing or a seasoned pro, you need to have a strategic plan in place before launching any social media campaign or brand presence. Without it, you’re likely to make one of these all-too-common mistakes:

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Tax Tips for the Creative Freelancer

By Brianne Bailey on Mar 29, 2016 12:41:43 PM

Tax season can be a time of straight-up panic for the freelance professional, whose financial situation is never as straightforward as a typical full-time employee. Follow our tips for a stress-free filing experience.


Preparing to file your taxes

First, figure out realistically whether you can do your taxes yourself or not. There are plenty of online programs that walk you step-by-step through the process of filing, and they’re incredibly cheap (and sometimes free).

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